Mike McClung

Mike McClung has strong prophetic gifting, and also a call and anointing to teach and exhort the Body of Christ. Mike's mission is to unveil the knowledge of God in order that transforming grace will be released to bring reformation to the church and to rebuild, restore, and advance the kingdom of God. Revelatory teaching on the Bride and Bridegroom paradigm, the Kingdom of God, as well as teaching that unlocks the beauty of the corporate nature of the Body of Christ, are at the heart of his ministry. He has done extensive research and teaching on the Tabernacle of David, the Song of Songs, intimacy with God, and maturity in Christ (Eph. 4:11-16). Mike is the senior pastor of Lionheart Fellowship and the Director of Lionheart Restoration Ministries. Mike has also been involved in Native American reconciliation initiatives and forums, and Apostolic and Prophetic Summits both in the U.S. and abroad. His calling to intercede in order to "open up" ancient wells has led him to occasional travel and teaching both in the U.S. and overseas. Mike has one daughter, Hannah, one son-in-law, Jeremy and one grandson, Malachi.

Abba Series 1, Foundations: Part 2, Our Standing Before Abba

06/26/2016 by Mike McClung

Series: The Abba Series Part 1: Foundations

In this message, "Our Standing Before Abba", Mike McClung shares how through the Eternal Intercessor and Mediator, Jesus, our standing before Abba is completely pure. In His eyes, we have never sinned, failed or fallen short.

The Community of the Spirit, Part 1

06/24/2016 by Mike McClung

Mike McClung shared Friday night at the Establishing the Hub of 8/ Tabernacle of David Meetings. He started a new series called, "The Community of the Spirit". True theology is one that is translated into LIFE, and this Christ-centered, Spirit e

Abba Series 1, Foundations: Part 1, The Fatherhood of God

06/19/2016 by Mike McClung

Series: The Abba Series Part 1: Foundations

Mike McClung lays a foundation of the theological evidence of God as Father. It is critical for every believer to understand that the reason the Lord Jesus came was to reveal the Father, and this is now our mission and purpose as well.

Breaking Performance Bondage

06/13/2016 by Mike McClung

In Sunday's message, Mike McClung discusses Performance Mentality: the mindset of someone who is working hard for the wrong reason or motivation. We will only endure if we are motivated by love for the Father.

Prayer Warriors - Part 9

05/15/2016 by Mike McClung

In Sunday's message, Mike McClung talks about the protection from witchcraft that we have because of our right relationship with God. We are only vulnerable to witchcraft and attack when we willfully refuse the process of Christlikeness in our lives.

Prayer Warriors - Part 8

05/08/2016 by Mike McClung

In this new series from Mike McClung, the question is posed: what is a prayer warrior in the Lord's eyes? In Sunday's message, Mike talks about how we overcome the powers of darkness and witchcraft by letting the Spirit dominate every area of our

Apostolic Ministry: Part 2, An Overview of Apostolic Ministry By Mike McClung

05/01/2016 by Mike McClung

This Sunday, Mike McClung shared more on Apostolic Ministry and gave an overview of what it is, what it does and what is needed to see it function and flourish. The greatest need in the Church right now is Spiritual Fathers, yet are we ready for them to a

The Apostolic Shift By Mike McClung

04/24/2016 by Mike McClung

Series: Individual Messages

This Sunday, Mike McClung shared a message about the Apostolic Shift the Body of Christ is currently going through. We must humble ourselves and prepare to receive both the Shepherding and Apostolic ministries that the Father is raising up right now to br

Pre-Trib Dispensationalism By Mike McClung

03/22/2015 by Mike McClung

Mike McClung started a new series this Sunday called "Thy Kingdom Come". In this message, Mike discusses the various theological perspectives on the End-Times and the dangers of each of them, particularly Pre-Trib Dispensationalism.

Delegated Authority, Part 5

01/20/2015 by Mike McClung

We should not consider any qualification for ministry higher than Christlikeness. As Christ only ministered by relationship with and the manifestation of the Father, we should only seek to be one with Him and put Him on display.